Sahaja Publications

Sahaja Publications is an independent publishing company founded in Oxford by Rupert Spira in 2013.

Sahaja Publications produces works that point clearly and directly to the truth of non-duality, celebrated by sages and mystics throughout history.

In the traditional approach offered by most religious and spiritual traditions, a gradual purification of the body and mind is considered a prerequisite for hearing the radical non-dual truth about the nature of reality. 

In contrast, the ‘Direct Path’ approaches the reality of experience ‘directly’, irrespective of the condition of the body and mind. The purification or realignment of experience with the recognition of the non-dual nature of reality is, in this approach, considered a by-product rather than a prerequisite.

This direct approach has always been available in society and can be found in the writings of Parmenides, Plotinus and Meister Eckhart in the West and the Buddha, Gaudapada and Shankaracharya in the East, as well as many others. However, this radical approach was, in most cases, suppressed or eclipsed by the gradual path, which was easier for most people to understand and assimilate into their lives.  

However, this approach was resurrected in the middle of the 20th century, most notably by Ramana Maharshi, Atmananda Krishnamenon, Nisargadatta Maharaj and Jean Klein.

‘Sahaja’ is a Sanskrit term that implies the recognition of the nature of reality in the midst of everyday experience, in contrast to the traditional approach that maintains a disposition of renunciation with respect to the body, mind and world. Sahaja Publications’ vision is that the Direct Path teachings should now be made available to all who seek to recognise and embody their true nature, irrespective of their background, conditioning, education, nationality or religion.